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Hello world!

Here are ten things you might want to know about me to get us started in the blogosphere.

  1. I am English and very much the stereotypical Englishman (I love tea, moaning and queueing).
  2. I am very much a cat person (but I have nothing against dogs especially Dalmatians and German Shepherds).
  3. I am a singer (aka a person who enjoys singing and wouldn’t mind doing it forever).
  4. I also play the ukulele and piano (and the flute and recorder but that’s another story).
  5. I believe there is no life without music (at all).
  6. I like lists (I have nothing else to say about that but I don’t want to ruin the brackets pattern).
  7. I am a Film student who has seen very few of the classics (and for that, I suck).
  8. I really want to go to Disneyland or Disney World (or the other Disneyland or the other Disneyland).
  9. I have a bad back and neck (and have done since 2009 but I keep being discharged by various doctors because nobody knows what’s wrong with it).
  10. I would rather spend an extra half an hour in bed in the morning than bother with my appearance (and that makes me sad because I wish I cared).

Until next time…


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