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“Twenty-One is the Loneliest Number.”

I turned 21 recently. I woke up, looked in the mirror and stood before me was a 21-year-old. Bizarre. My whole life is flying by and I feel like if I blink, I might miss something.

Oh, hello husband, hello children, hello mortgage and bills and lots of things that I can only dream of right now.”

I am currently in my third (and final) year at university and the pressure is officially on. Will I get a 2:1? Will I get a First? Do I have a job to go back to when I leave this place? Who will I live with? Where will we live? There is so much to think about in regards to the future but there is also so much going on in the present. Do I have time to think about those things in amongst essays and films I’m making and essays? Should I be making time? I’m not. I have updated my LinkedIn profile (though I still can’t find an appropriate picture for it; I really must get on that) but that’s the full extent of everything I have done recently to secure my future. I did try asking a friend about living together but she is conveniently ignoring every attempt I have made at communication. I am officially panicking about this adult thing.

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