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“We’ll always have Portsmouth.”

By now, you’re probably getting bored of my “I’ve almost finished uni” spiel. The thing is it’s coming up so fast and I’m losing my head a little bit. I’m really sad. I’m not sad because of leaving the university itself but because I have met some of the world’s best people here and I’m definitely not ready to say goodbye.

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“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn”: My Feelings Towards University Essay-Writing

I am struggling. I’m currently ‘enjoying’ my Easter holidays, the last Easter holidays that I will ever have (unless I go into teaching but that’s highly unlikely). I spend my days looking at my notebook, filled with a year’s worth of notes on all things Film Studies, and thinking, “I should really start writing those 10,000 words.” I only have six assignments left to hand in before my university career is over and, currently, I am doing nothing about it. I think about it a lot. Oh yes, I think about it. But the fear of the white blank page is rearing its ugly head again and I am struggling. Where do I begin? Which assignment is most important? Do I do the ‘fun’ ones first or the more difficult and time-consuming ones? HELP ME.

I had dreams of really focusing this year. “It’s my last year,” I thought, “I’ve got to make it count.” I thought that I would be able to trick my brain into wanting to write essays. Boy, was I wrong!

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