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“It’s all happening!”: Going into the real world.

The time has come for me to take my first steps into the real world. I have just received my first job offer and, as of Monday, I will be a proper adult, working a proper job in a proper company and (get this) I’m even going to get a proper bank account. I know. No more living in dependence of my overdraft. How adult.

Soon, my brother is moving out and I will be getting his room (my pre-university, double bedroom). I don’t have a double mattress so I’ll still be on a single bed but, still. How adult.

I’ve been looking at brand new cars to buy. How adult.

I’m going to finally replace my six-year-old Pay As You Go iPhone 4 with a newer iPhone on contract. That equals a credit rating. How adult.

I am going to start saving to move into my own home. How adult.

With all this adulting comes a lot of fear and anxiety but, also, excitement for what the future holds.

I hope I’ll enjoy the real world. I hope it will treat me kindly.

Stay tuned for updates and, until next time, that’s all, folks!


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