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“Where you lead, I will follow.” A Gilmore Girls Trailer Review.

“Winter. Spring. Summer. Fall. Seasons may change, but some things never will.”

What fine words to greet me on a Wednesday evening as I cry my eyes out over the release of the very first trailer for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

Poster courtesy of Netflix/Warner Bros.

If you are new to this blog, you will have absolutely no idea about my love for Gilmore Girls but if you have ever been here for even a second, you will be well aware and probably beyond fed up of my constant mentioning of it. But if you have been Gilmored, you know how I feel right now and you are also jumping up and down excitedly, squealing and wondering how on Earth you are going to manage to wait until November 25th to see our favourite ladies back on our screens. It’s okay. I understand. I’m with you there.

This trailer is nothing short of beautiful. Opening with the familiar hum of Sam Phillips’ beautiful score and perfectly fitting “la la”‘s, we are immediately transported home, back to that quaint Connecticut town of Stars Hollow.

Shots of the bell tower that no longer houses the murder scene of Charlotte DiLaurentis but, once again, homes those dreaded bells that Lorelai and Luke so thankfully broke open the trailer as we begin to take a journey around Stars Hollow and all of its most memorable places: Luke’s beloved diner and Taylor Doose’s market.

But where do we want to go more so than anything the town square could give us? Lorelais’ house, decorated from head to toe in Christmas lights, representing Winter, the first episode of A Year in the Life, stands proudly with open arms, welcoming us home. A front-facing view, we don’t get to see whether the chuppah is still there or Lorelai’s Jeep but, from photographs taken from the set, we know what to expect come November in terms of garden decoration.

This short-lived shot of Lorelai’s dream home takes us into what can only be described as a life-changing moment for Gilmore fans. Before our eyes, Rory and Lorelai sit at the kitchen table, drinking coffee, surrounded by PopTarts and discussing a variety of incredibly important issues. Would Amy Schumer like Lorelai?


Would she?

Rory’s opinions on the matter are fairly just though Amy’s tweets have concluded that she was, in fact, wrong. My opinion? Water sports or not, Lorelai is the dream friend. (Call me, LG.)

Sidenote: It is worth pointing out that Lorelai’s top says ‘I’m with Human’ and has got people freaking out a bit, thinking that she is pregnant. I personally am completely of the mind that she is not because I’m sure that would have been something we would have found out from the leaked photos from set. I believe the quirky phrase relates to her quirky personality and I would advise that you don’t think into it any more. After all, why would we want to ruin it for ourselves before November comes around?

Rory, of course, must know everything (who has heard of the corpse flower? No, me neither) and what is most shocking, and yet obvious, is seeing her able to learn so much so quickly now that we have really and truly stepped into the digital age. Rory and her smart phone must be the best of friends and I can only begin to imagine how much more intelligent Rory has gotten over these last years with the ever-expanding world of knowledge that is available at our finger tips in seconds.

Kicking into everybody’s favourite theme song, Carole King hugs our ears with her comforting tones as we are reminded that “where you lead, I will follow, any anywhere that you tell me to” and that once we are Gilmores, we will always be Gilmores. Our hearts burst, our cheeks hurt and tears pour as Lorelai asks that question we’ve been dying to hear (“Do you think John Oliver would find me hot?”) and fades away into the best news we could ever receive: “A four part event, November 25.”

Rory’s smirk and Lorelai’s teasing grin tell us everything we need to know: Gilmore Girls is back and better than ever and I, for one, am absolutely ecstatic.

Now, do we think my manager would mind if I booked that Friday off of work…?



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