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I Quit Sugar: Days 2, 3 and 4.

I have not had sugar for four days. Honestly, I feel better than I thought I would.

Day Two was a good day. I had no cravings and felt fine physically. I did get a little hungry at work, especially when my colleagues were eating chocolate, but I held off from eating until I left work. I went straight to the supermarket after work to buy some fresh ingredients like meat and vegetables, and discovered Warburton Wholemeal Protein bread, which has no sugar in and tastes delicious. I bought the Warbuton Thins but will definitely buy a loaf next time because the bread was delicious. I ate this with some cooked chicken breast and some Pure sunflower spread: the perfect easy dinner after a long day.

What did I eat on Day 2?

Breakfast: Overnight oats (yoghurt and porridge oats) with mixed berries, mango and a dash on honey.

Lunch: Wholewheat pasta, tuna, kale and a sprinkling of soy sauce.

Dinner: A chicken sandwich with protein bread.

Day Three was where things started to get a little bit tricky.

We had a bake sale at work and everything smelt delicious. As well as this, we also had a massive cake made for colleagues as my company has featured on the ‘Sunday Times Top 100 companies to work for’ list, and some prosecco too. I would have been able to drink the prosecco but, due to a grape intolerance and my having not taken an antihistamine that morning, I could not do so. Still, it was nice to know that there is an alcohol I can drink that is sugar-free should the time come over the next forty-or-so days. I’m not a massive drinker but I’m glad the option is there as my birthday is coming up fast and, no doubt, my friends will want to grab drinks.

Another issue that arose on Day Three was a dull headache that I woke up, as well as continuous pins and needles in my legs and left arm throughout the day. They did become quite uncomfortable and I felt more restless than usual being sat at my desk all day. Unfortunately, due to a leg injury, I haven’t had much exercise in the last two months and, where I would usually stretch out a bit and exercise in my lunch breaks before hurting myself, I cannot move about much at work. I also work through my lunch breaks quite often, so feeling restless at my desk is not uncommon but Day Three took it to a new level! Still, I got away with another day of not snacking as I had my dinner quite late. Instead, I caught up on this week’s Nashville, cried my eyes out and then drank a litre of water to hydrate myself!!!

What did I eat on Day 3?

Breakfast: Overnight oats, mixed berries and honey.

Lunch: Wholewheat pasta, ham and spinach.

Dinner: Salmon and scrambled egg (without milk).

Day Four is here and, to be honest, I haven’t done anything today. I have a slight headache but I would imagine that is because I haven’t had anything to drink yet today. I have just made myself some greek yoghurt, banana and peanut butter for breakfast and will probably have my left over salmon later.

I am definitely feeling less weighed down than usual, and yesterday I could tell that I was less bloated than I had been. This could be hormonal or because of the sugar, I’m not sure. Stay tuned and we will find out together… I’m excited to see what good I can do for my body.


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